What’s your Learning Style?


We all learn differently and there are many different types of learning preferences. Understanding how we learn best and accessing content that best suits us, is a powerful way to learn and retain information.

That’s called working smart.

E-Learning tools, if created effectively, will cater to every learning style.

For example, if you are an AUDITORY learner, you probably struggle to take in information when you are forced to read it from a book or via text only content. However, if the information is provided to you via podcasts or videos with verbal instructions, you will likely not have any issues taking in and retaining the information.

Innovative Learning Products deliver information in a variety of ways to offer our clients options to reflect their learning strengths.

See the videos below to start exploring your learning type;

Auditory Learners

  • Learns by listening
  • Like Videos and Podcasts as learning mediums
  • Need written instructions to be in a logical order
  • Are good at picking up tone
  • Talk through problems
  • Are good at explaining
  • Probably watched the video and didn’t read this

Visual Learners

  • Prefer images, diagrams, colours and maps
  • Find it easy to visualise ideas and concepts
  • Like to whiteboard ideas and use mind maps
  • Remember what is read, rather than what is heard
  • Likes to take notes
  • Like to watch videos to learn

Kinaesthetic Learners

  • Like hands on activities
  • Take notes, doodle and draw pictures
  • Memorises by walking and seeing, rather than listening
  • Prefer group interactions

A tip for Kinaesthetc learners who might struggle to concentrate during training; keep your hands busy. Play with a blob of blu tack. It will actually help you focus.