Innovative Workshops

Innovative Solutions are now offering 4 short courses to motivate and prepare candidates looking to start work;

Moving Forward is a 3 day course designed to create;
• Motivation
• Confidence
• Goals
• Career Plans
• Foundations of Self Development
• PositiveAttitudes and Beliefs
• Personal Power
• Emotional Intelligence
• Resiliency


Don’t Sell Yourself Short – Spend a day with a recruiter and find out what employers are really looking for . . . give yourself the job hunting edge.

  • Establish a brand that represents the best version of you
  • Create confidence through process and practice
  • Know your product – do you know and value what you are selling?
  • Tips & tricks to landing that job
  • Interview, like a boss!
  • Create a marketing strategy that you are comfortable with
  • Stand out from the crowd . . . for the right reasons


“Like a BOSS” – Spend a day in the boss’ shoes . . . WHY?

  • Because great leaders are not born, they are developed. Do you aspire to be a great leader?
  • Because by understanding your employers needs, you will be a better team member
  • Because the next job you have, might just be the first stepping stone to a great career
  • Because if you look and act the part, it will happen
  • Because you will be more confident entering the workforce with a good grounding in company structures and how they operate.

This workshop is a 1 day crash course in management. We explore the world of work from the boss’ perspective

This knowledge will give you the job searching and career planning edge.


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If You Weren’t Afraid, What Would You Do?

Innovative Solutions is proud to partner with Christine Clifford to deliver this 3 hour workshop, where we explore a range of concepts to help our participants move barriers and step forward boldly.

We will question;

  • What we believe about ourselves that blocks us from perusing what we want
  • Do we fear success or do we fear failure?
  • How our success will affect others.


For more information about Innovative Workshops, see our Services Page or  contact Christine on 0487203953 or