Innovative Solutions offer a range of short job seeker workshops which are designed to engage, develop and energise Job Seekers.

Providers can select from pre-designed programs or request for other content to be developed.

We believe training should be inspirational and fun. This is demonstrated by our facilitation style and our choice in subject matter.

Job Seeker workshops are designed to be outcome focused and reflect the needs of the participants and to meet program requirements.

Content can be face to face, online or a combination of both.

Where appropriate, we will actively market participants of Innovative Workshops to potential employers.

Work Shops



3  Day Barrier Breaker Workshop

It’s time . . . instead of just talking about it or dreaming about it, it’s now time for a career, time for a better lifestyle and time to be a better version of ourselves.

Over the course of this 3 day program, we explore what is stopping us from moving forward in our lives and learn how to overcome these barriers.

We look at a variety of tools we can use to cultivate the attitude and behaviors needed to create positive change and we develop strategies to turn our dreams into a reality.

• Motivation
• Confidence
• Goals
• Career Planning
• Foundations of Self Development
• Managing Fear
• Problem Solving
• Attitudes and Beliefs
• Personal Power
• Emotional Intelligence
• Resiliency



Creating your MARKETING PLAN

Spend a day with a recruiter and find out what employers are really looking for . . . give yourself the job hunting edge.

  • Establish a brand that represents the best version of you
  • Create confidence through process and practice
  • Know your product – do you know and value what you are selling?
  • Tips & tricks to landing that job
  • Interview, like a boss!
  • Create a marketing strategy that you are comfortable with
  • Stand out from the crowd . . . for the right reasons

“The Emotional Intelligence [training] was life changing”

Peter, Townsville

“This training course gave a me a lot of confidence and positive thinking, it was sensational for me.”

Gary, Shepparton



Spend a day in the boss’ shoes . . . WHY?
  • Because great leaders are not born, they are developed. Do you aspire to be a great leader?
  • Because by understanding your employers needs, you will be a better team member.
  • Because the next job you have, might just be the first stepping stone to a great career.
  • Because if you look and act the part, it will happen.
  • Because you will be more confident entering the workforce with a good grounding in company structures and how they operate.

This workshop is a 1-day CRASH COURSE in Management

We explore the world of work from the boss’ perspective

This knowledge will give you the job searching and career planning edge.



Innovative Solutions is proud to partner with Christine Clifford to deliver this 3 hour workshop, where we explore a range of concepts to help our participants move barriers and step forward boldly.

We will question;

  • What we believe about ourselves that blocks us from perusing what we want.
  • Do we fear success or do we fear failure?
  • How our success will affect others.

Workshop Facilitators;

Christine Clifford |

Christine Ryan |

Let’s talk

If you are keen to talk about any of these workshops or other Innovative options, drop us a line or call Christine on 0487203953