One thing we always talk about in our training is the impact our behaviour has on us and our community. We are either making a positive or negative contribution, and it is an unfair but true reality that Indigenous people’s behaviour is often scrutinised more than most.

I’m constantly in awe of the way our participants take this message on board and work hard to set a great example for their family and other people in the community.

I loved his recent media story which featured First Stepper Matt in SA. This is a young man with a huge amount of potential. He is smart, resilient, centred and has a wicked sense of humour. He is highly employable and there is no doubt he is headed for leadership, however he is also well connected to his Aboriginal culture.

Matt shows us all that Indigenous people don’t have to choose between work or culture . . . in fact there are so many aspects of Indigenous cultures which is a huge benefit in the workplace.

WELL DONE Matt and to all of our team members who make a positive contribution every day.

Media article Elizabeth Donald