Our programs open doors – we create opportunity for people. It is up to them to step through the door and keep moving forward. Hopefully we have given them some tools and support as well, but at the end of the day, the program participants have to do the work that makes the difference.

Sometimes the people we work with have overwhelming odds against them, sometimes they don’t have enough belief in them selves, but MOST times, they thrive. Most times they exceed their own expectations by 1000%. Most times they change their lives for the better and become a positive role model for their families and communities . . . for all of us.

I can’t describe how proud I am when I see these guys turn their lives around. They make me cry and they inspire me.

Today I received a text from one of our participants from a First Steps program last year. She is such an amazing woman and she deserves every success, because she works hard and gives so much;

“Just want 2 say that its been 12 months since I completed the program & nearly 12 months at the Highfields store & I am still going strong in my role, a role that was only made possible thanks to u, Peter & Wesfarmers/Coles. I absolutely still am in love with it all, I’ve made some good friends, I’m respected/respectful & it wouldn’t be possible to love the job so much if it wasn’t for the beautiful/deadly customers who make the job so much easier/pleasant to do. Absolutely love it & thank u both so much for making this all possible. Xoxo”