On the  First Steps program, our participants explore all of the things they want to have, do and be; we set goals and start to imagine a different life. Many of our First Steppers want to get their license and own a car. They want these because it means freedom and status. It is hard to get a job if you don’t have a car to get to work, but you need a job to be able to afford the car . . . catch 22.

Getting your license is considered a right of passage in Australia – it is one of the biggest signifiers of us becoming adults in our society. However if you don’t have access to money, a car and someone who is willing and able to teach you to drive, you could easily miss out on this step. This severely restricts a lot of opportunities for people who are already missing out on so much and it also impacts on peoples confidence and self-esteem.

I get the biggest buzz when our First Steppers hit the very important goal of purchasing their first car. It’s a life changer. This week we had two First Steppers buy a car on the same day. I can’t stop smiling. I’m also a little jealous . . . the cars they bought look pretty amazing.

They worked hard for these cars and really deserve them. I’m very proud of these guys.