Last Years Achievements

Reflections of last years achievements.

Yesterday I asked previous program participants from the First Steps program (Indigenous employment programs Innovative Solutions run in partnership with Coles and other Wesfarmer brands) what their greatest achievement was in 2015. I posted this question on our First Steps Facebook page.

I was rewarded with some fantastic responses;

  • Restarting their life journey, not just with their career, but also other elements of their lives.
  • Taking a family holiday to see their family in Torres Strait.
  • Moved out of public housing and into a nicer home and being able to buy new furniture for their new home.
  • Saving for a car.
  • Buying a car.
  • Getting licenses.
  • Promoted to Supervisor.
  • Promoted to Department Manager.
  • Promoted to an office role with a lot of responsibility.
  • Starting a new career and making new friends.
  • After 6 years of dreaming, finally taking the family on a holiday to Mackay.
  • Starting a new business.

As much as I’m immensely proud of Coles receiving a Human Rights award for this program in 2015, the real pride and inspiration comes from these guys. The First Steppers work VERY hard to create change in their lives and they make many sacrifices and face down a lot of fear to earn their achievements.

I’m looking forward to seeing what magic will happen in 2016!