Well done to our Townsville First Stepper Brooke who bought a new car today! What an amazing (and life changing) achievement.

Even when you LOVE your job, you have days when you literally have to drag your butt into work. There are always certain parts of your job that you really don’t like and you have to sometimes put up with people who you wouldn’t normally choose to hang out with. And lets face it, there are times when you’d much prefer to be out fishing!

The secret to keeping you motivated and helping you push through the tougher times at work is to set GOALS.  I often say “another day, another dollar”. What I’m really reminding myself of is that every day I go to work, I’m a step closer to being able to fund my dreams.

I also need to keep those big goals (like buying a car) in mind when I get the itch to impulse shop. Every time I say “no” to buying something frivolous, I’m making it easier and faster to get to my goals . . . those purchases that will mean a lot to me. How many times have you regretted impulse buying?? Instant gratification can quickly turn into frustration when the buzz of the purchase has gone.

Brooke has achieved a great outcome from working hard, being consistent and being focused.